Flightline II: Parting Shots

Flightline II: Parting Shots

Manpower: Canadian Forces soldiers roll Canada's last combat helicopter remaining in Afghanistan, a CH-47 Chinook, to the front ramp of an Antonov An-124 for transport out of the country.

Slow Winch: Already stripped of its rotors and weapons, the helicopter is guided into the belly of the Antonov. The An-124 is the world's largest serially-manufactured cargo plane.

Hotel Womb on Kandahar Airfield.

Black Flag.

Ascending: Final checks before the Antonov departs for Ontario via Kuwait. The Canadians have found an eager buyer for the Chinook in the US Army, who will inherit it after maintenance is performed in Ottawa.

Fragile: The Ukrainian flight crew secures an assortment of Canadian soldiers' personal belongings to the fuselage.


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