Photo Essay

Place Memory

Dan’s grandfather passed away one year and two months ago. In the wake of his death the family home was mothballed, doors locked and curtains drawn, a suburban tomb with no body and a price tag pitched in the front…
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Waterfront City (Flight)

A sign points to the Batam Flying Club at Waterfront City, a failed megaproject on Batam Island, Indonesia. Anticipating an influx of Singaporeans travelling to the island for weekend getaways, the Indonesian government built a resort complex comprising — among other things — a…
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Waterfront City (Snow)

A jet soars above the hulking steel carcass of Snow World. Construction on this indoor skiing resort began in the late-90’s and was suspended after two years. In 2006 fires broke out and gutted the complex, burning down walls and charring the sheet metal…
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