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Not much to show for a week in Singapore. After a pair of false starts we finally leave for Burma tomorrow morning so keep an eye on this space in the coming weeks.

Will bought a hot new Nikon digital SLR today and he promises his blog will be bursting at the seams with more photos too. Link on the sidebar.


The Singapore skyline. Notable for being the first photo taken with my shiny new lens (an 18-200mm DX VR for those acronym-hounds out there).

Orbs. A DHL-branded hot air balloon peeks out from behind a skyscraper.

Street crossing.

Hanging out at the Esplanade waterfront on a Friday night.

Earbuds (x3).



Listen to the crow.

The sign calls it art.

The sign calls it art.



Austin Andrews is a Vancouver-based photojournalist and occasional filmmaker with a penchant for finding the fantastic in the everyday. Contact him at austin [at] disposablewords [dot] net


  • Sure looking forward to the Myanmar blog shot and sure like (our) new lens! Sens won the right to play the Stanley Cup just now and wow the town is a hoppin. Reporting from Ottawa. The mum #1.

  • I had no idea the playoffs were that far along already! Are you going to get in on a game while you’re in the capital? Burma/Myanmar (all the locals refer to it as Burma unless they have reason to think we’re government spies) is *quite the place*. We’ve spent the better part of two days being shown around Rangoon by a Burmese student who’s full of tips and insight, and have been led to some pretty cool places. Already I have a better feel for the country than I got from nearly a month in Indonesia. Photo post next time we find internet.

  • Where are you now? Your fan club out here has been waiting for *days* for the promised Burma shots. Good thing Will still knows how to blog. Have you been eating enough? How’s the food?

  • I have been enjoying your awesome photos. When Will’s mom and I travelled I was always fascinated by what people wore on their feet–from climbing mountains in flip flops to sandals, running shoes or anything that was held together by strings or patched with pieces from old tires. Enjoy Myanmar!


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