Rome, Open City

Rome, Open City

Arrivare: The bustle of shadows at Rome's central train station.

The Diagonal's Human-Shaped Tumour: A silhouette looks out over the buildings of an island in the Tiber River.

Right of Way

Speed of Traffic

Christmas Races the Colosseum to the Sky: Duelling icons of millennia-old events separated by ten metres and eighty years. If Christ had lived out a 21st century lifespan, he may have been alive to attend the Colosseum's inaugural games.


Column Censorship

The Vatican, Sunny Side Up

The Vatican, Shady Side Out

Of Vessels and Gods

The Gospel of Geography: Lost tourists near the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome's Old City.

M Marks the Spot: Two women watch the departures board for trains to the provinces at Termini Station.

Trinket Tykes: A Russian family browses the wares from one of dozens of carts selling identical souvenirs to brisk business along the main corridors of Rome's Old City. The 3rd most-visited city in Europe, to walk Rome is to be assaulted by a panoply of languages and accents -- geographic distances be damned.

Your First Left Past the Horse

Rome Ancient

Rome Modern

18 Frame Timepieces: Different ways of passing time on the platform at Termini Station.

Tip the Season: Buskers unleash smooth jazz Christmas carols on unsuspecting passer-bys in Rome's Old City.

A Story of Hats and Heads

See the Holy See: A hop-on, hop-off tour bus enters a roundabout opposite St. Peter's Square en route to the Vatican.

Over and Out


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